Chicago coding bootcamp trains veterans for IT

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Conlin McManus, 23, heard about Code Platoon, a coding school in Chicago geared for veterans, two weeks before the end of his active duty as a Marine.

Code Platoon, a Chicago nonprofit that puts military veterans through an immersive 14-week coding boot camp, is aimed at turning them into quality programmers.

The survey of 1,300 Chicago-area veterans released by Loyola University Chicago and the University of Southern California showed 65 percent of post-9/11 veterans left the military without a job.

“Veterans step forward to serve our country, they deserve our help,” said Rodrigo Levy, founder and executive director of Code Platoon, who shifted his career from trading to nonprofit three years ago.

Levy went to Dev Bootcamp, a pioneering for-profit coding boot camp in Chicago, in 2013, where he found the model effective to give career changers an entrance into tech in a relatively short time.

Coding boot camp, as a kind of vocational training, rams student through intense crash courses in precisely the software-development skills that employers need.

Students end up paying $2,500 out of the $13,000 price tag, only a fraction of the tuition of a for-profit code school such as Dev Bootcamp, which charges $12,700 for an 18-week session.

Code Platoon was founded in 2014, the year coding schools started to spring up, and graduated its first class in 2016 with nine graduates.

After graduation from Code Platoon, he started an internship as a software engineer at DRW Holdings Inc., one of seven Code Platoon’s sponsor companies.

Photo at top: A student works on coding at Code Platoon’s downtown classroom.


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