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*Note: Image used belongs to Rick Sforza/Redlands Daily Facts

*Note: Image used belongs to Rick Sforza/Redlands Daily Facts

Last year, the San Bernardino City Council made an absolute mess of addressing a proposal to construct a permanent supportive housing facility for homeless men.

After first voting in July to approve it, the council reversed itself in August.

In October, the council brought it back because one of the council members who supported it in July before opposing it in August apparently changed his mind.

Finally, in December, the council reversed itself and voted to allow the project to proceed.

All it did was cause headaches for supporters of the project and make the city council look silly.

At the end it was a positive that a majority of council members were able to see a good opportunity and allow it to move forward.

At the meeting, a handful of individuals spoke out against the project.

A month later, on Feb. 21, the City Council was expected to take up a vote on the project before inexplicably removing it from consideration.

On April 18, several veterans, along with Riverside County Supervisor James Ramos and District Attorney Mike Ramos, showed up to the Redlands City Council to urge consideration and approval of the project.

At the same meeting, the council adopted a “Charter of Compassion.” As nice as the symbolism is, the council has had a long time to actually back it up but simply hasn’t.


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