Getting certified to Land Federal Contracts


federal_contracts_leftIn our previous article, Supplier Diversity Programs – How Can Veteran Enterprises Get Listed, we discussed how getting certification could increase chances of getting listed in supplier diversity programs. In today’s article, we focus on Federal Contracts, and talk about getting certified to land Federal Contracts.

There are specific qualifications for VOSB and SDVOSB to get certified. For starters, the veteran must own 51 percent of the business. That is, he/she must be a majority partner; or if it is a partnership, then veteran partners together should own majority stake. Veterans should also be active in the business, that is to say, that they should also have management and day to day operations control. In other words, Veterans should not be silent or dormant partners in the business.

Prior to getting a VOSB or SDVOSB status, it is essential to get certified as a veteran. For that, business owners will require Department of Defense form 214 or DD 214. Service Disability veterans would require an additional letter from US Department of VA.

Before fulfilling these requirements just for Federal Contracts, you should first consider whether you are ready to handle government contracts. Before you start with the formalities of getting registered to get government contracts, consider these two requirements:

1)      Do produce or provide something that the Federal Government purchases;

2)      Do you have the resources to invest in sales and marketing to get Government Contracts

If you are not ready for Government contracts, then it will not be as necessary to get certified by Federal Authorities. As stated in our previous article, you can get registered with Third Party organizations and there are some private businesses which have their own verification process. Apart from these, having a DD 214 or DD 214 and letter from US Department of VA for SDVOSB would be enough. These could help you in getting registered with private companies through their verification process.

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