Hire a Veteran – The Reasons


Some of the most desirable qualities that an HR wants in any candidate he/she hires are team work, ability to adapt and learn, leadership, ability to work in diversity environment and high performance even under pressure. Not an all inclusive list, but definitely the prioritized list. No matter what position the candidate is hired for, every organization desires these basic qualities in every candidate. And these very qualities form the main reason why an organization should consider of hiring a veteran.

Hire a veteran as they have already proven their capabilities in all the above mentioned skills.

In this article, I give you reasons as to why, if you are looking for these and other such qualities, hiring a veteran is the best option.

  • Learning Curve

Veterans have proven ability to grasp and learn fast. You call it instinct or basic requirement as defense personnel, veterans have the ability to understand, grasp and adapt to new technologies and techniques.

  • Leadership

Well, I believe, the word itself says everything. You can’t imagine a veteran without quality leadership skills. They have the ability to make decision and create strategies to achieve their goal keeping the best interest of not only the organization but also of the team.

  • Team Work

As defense personnel, veterans have acquired the natural knack to work and grow in a team. They know how individuals can function smoothly as a group to achieve a set goal.

  • Diversity Environment

Vets are some of the most experienced people to have worked and succeeded in a diverse environment. They are experienced in working with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds and achieving the set objective.

  • Performance Under Pressure

Vets are not alien to stressful conditions and work environments. They know how to keep their calm, and focus and persevere to complete the job.

  • Adherence to Procedures

There would be no one better than veterans who could understand the value of procedures and policies. Vets very well understand how procedures and policies can bring stability and increase productivity.

Aren’t these the very basic qualities that an organization would want in their employees? Aren’t most of the questions asked in an interview designed to judge these qualities in a candidate? Do we still need to discuss as to why should hire a vet?

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