Interview Questions – Understanding the Interviewer’s Point of View

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We have talked a lot about various facets of interview. How to dress, what to expect and what now, we have even discussed one basic interview question in detail. Today, let’s talk about other quite basic interview questions.

Veteran InterviewBefore I lead you into the interview questions, keep in mind that these are the basic questions, often forming the first part of the interview. These days, it is very common to have several rounds or at least two rounds, where the first round comprises of these basic questions. Based on the performance in the first round, you are then taken for a technical or job specific interview. For such rounds, they are just looking how well you know what you should know. So, make sure you make a strong impression there; and to prepare for that, go through the job requirements and description well in advance.

Q. Tell me about yourself

It’s a very simple question, but could be a vital one if answered perfectly. When describing yourself, don’t start off with your hobbies and your lifestyle. What you should be answering with is your name and your qualifications which make you eligible for the job. That is, if you are qualified for IT technical and an Administration job, while the job is for only an IT guy, then highlight your IT qualifications and skills.

Go into the details of your qualifications that make you eligible to the job. Inform the interviewer if there is any special award or any special assignment that you have completed in the field. Your senior’s recommendation, if any, and your experience.

interview questionQ. What about this job interests you?

In this question, you have the chance to flatter the interviewer. Tell him/her about how the company’s main focus areas interests you and how you feel that your skills could be best utilized in the progress of the company. Talk about company ethics, how you are good fit for them, and the working environment.

Some companies conduct inductions before interviews, where they will show the lifestyle of employees of the company, so you can take material for this question from there. And to prepare, you can search online, most companies on their career pages highlight the lifestyle of employees and the working environment.

Q. What are your career goals and/or where do you see yourself some years down the line?

I have seen that some people falter in this question, they often mention a goal or their future expectation that is not in the best interest of the company. And that, for the interviewer is the biggest negative against the candidate. So, the biggest no-no for this question would be – don’t ever talk about anything that might indicate you moving away from the company.

You should talk about development and progress. If you are being hired at a junior level, then talk about how you see yourself progressing on the hierarchical ladder. Be modest in your approach towards progress. Aggressiveness is mostly good when you are applying for sales or marketing job. If you are being hired for a top management job, where progress would mean being equivalent to the owners or directors of the company, then you should talk how you look forward to increase your responsibilities, use your abilities to take the company to a higher level, and being an invaluable asset to the company.

interview questionsI hope that this article helps you get started; I will be discussing more questions in my next article. Till then, happy job hunting!

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