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liIn one of earlier articles, Some Useful Tips to Simplify Job Search for Veterans, we have emphasized the need to network. One of the leading networking tools that recruiters and candidates have is LinkedIn. Quite like Facebook, in as much as social media platform goes. LinkedIn is used as more of a professional network, where people with similar qualifications and job interests can connect and discuss innovations and where hiring managers can scout for talent.

LinkedIn is most useful in job search because of its job search tools and functions. For hiring managers, it gives the opportunities to publish jobs in groups and various other job boards. For candidates looking for jobs, it provides them with job feeds on the wall relevant to the skills and experience mentioned on the profile.

So, are you on LinkedIn yet?linkedin_infographic

Connect with Recruiters

LinkedIn has become one of the biggest talent pools for recruiters and hiring managers. They are constantly posting job opportunities in various groups and on their profiles. Keep an eye out for people who are regularly posting veteran jobs, send them a connect request, and if you can’t find a common connection, drop them an Inmail.

Recruiters easily accept your connection request and then keep you updated about latest job opportunities. They can also advice you on how to land the job and what all would be expected of you during the job interview. Establishing a friendly connection with the recruiter on LinkedIn will also help you in grooming your skills and expertise.

Participate in Groups

Once you have completed your profile, LinkedIn will give you suggestion for groups that you can join, based on your interests. Participate in those groups, if there are questions in your mind, and then start a discussion. This will help you in interacting and knowing people related to your field. You can establish references and connections easily through a group. In fact, groups are one of the best ways to highlight your expertise and skills and to make connections. More groups you join more are your chances of increasing your knowledge base and connections.

It is not necessary to join groups of one particular interest; there are groups on practically every topic. There are many groups that are specifically dedicated to veterans and veteran job search. So don’t forget to look them up and join immediately.

Integrate with Other Tools

LinkedIn allows following various companies and also lists people who are working in that company. So if you find any jobs on other job boards, then you can look up associated people in the company, and can establish connections. This will give you an edge over other people applying for the same job.

So if you find a job on, then you can look up hiring managers and recruiters for that company on LinkedIn and establish a connection with them. Here, having a complete LinkedIn profile will help a lot. It will help to make a strong first impression.

Veteran Benefits

Veterans also have an edge with the Veteran Mentor Network’s LinkedIn Job Seeker Subscription subgroup. With this opportunity you can have a premium LinkedIn account along with one year free subscription of LinkedIn Job Seeker. This will unlock all the features of LinkedIn, allowing you to send connects to anyone on LinkedIn, have an in-depth job search and job alert set up and ability to view complete profiles of everyone on LinkedIn.

Always remember, everything said and done, LinkedIn is still a social network, so it is very necessary to have a complete profile and to be regular on it. Explore it, post on it and connect on it!

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