Make A Strong First Impression on Interviewer

Interview Dresscode

You must have heard this age-old adage, ‘First Impression is the Last Impression’, in today’s article I share some tips for veterans to make that everlasting and strong first impression.

The Gestures

Most of the requirements for perfect and confident gestures are already built through the defense training and life. Keep that! Straight standing posture, eye contact, firm and strong handshake (just remember not to crush the hand), they show your confidence and comfort. These initial looks mostly pave the way for the rest of the interview.

Interview DresscodeDress Code

Dress code often speaks lengths about the person’s personality. Remember, you don’t want to look like you own the company or are superior to the interviewer; and at the same time, you don’t want to look like you don’t care. You have to be moderately formal. Even if you are going for suite, make sure it is not too elegant. You can also check out the website or call at the company to know about the company culture and the dress code.

Good Listener

Quite often, the interviewer is revealing information or is giving hints as to what he/she is looking for in answers. So, it is very necessary to actively listen to what the person is saying. From the moment you enter the office building to the time you leave, keep your ears on the alert. This will also help you in keeping with the pace of the interviewer.

Don’t be Talkative

Like we mentioned in our previous post, talking to much or giving a detailed answer to a question, often leads to rambling. Going in-depth or detailed description, you are just giving information the interviewer is not even interested in. This could be the final nail in your job’s coffin. Be precise and to the point. But, remember, don’t too short and crisp, so as to leave the interviewer guessing. You don’t want that!

Don’t get Familiar

Keep in mind that this is a formal interview set for a business transaction. It doesn’t mean that you completely alienate yourself. Try to keep up with the interviewer’s demeanor.  Basically, respond in kind. If the interviewer is getting familiar, then you can respond in kind; even then, keep yourself a step behind rather  a step ahead.

Mind Your Language

At any given point in the interview, don’t divulge talking about or mentioning anything that is socially, racially, sexually, religiously or politically oriented. Maintain a formal language without any use of slang words or terms. If it is a technical job or requires some specific knowledge, then you could benefit from using the occupational jargons.

Overconfidence Kills

Overconfidence is never anyone’s friend, be it for anything. Even if you are there to highlight your skills, showing overconfidence will always be a negative. Be modest yet confident and you’ll be highlighted.

Don’t be Desperate

Even if you are, don’t be! Showing desperation just shows that you have been rejected a lot and that could probably raise a lot of red flags. It doesn’t in any way highlight why you are best suited for the job. Neither is the interviewer there to do favors, where desperation could work. So stay cool, stay calm, and it will do the job for you. Just believe in yourself.

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