What Recent Executive Orders Mean for Texas’ Military Community

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*Note: Image used belongs to news.utexas.edu

*Note: Image used belongs to news.utexas.edu

After applying pressure to national officials, veterans groups recently scored a victory when the secretary of veteran affairs said that many of the more than 2,000 open VA jobs would be considered by the VA to fall under “Public safety” exemptions to the executive order calling for a federal hiring freeze.

The negative impact of a federal hiring freeze and other recent executive orders on Texas’ military community is far from contained.

Federal jobs have long appealed to veterans, who have preferential hiring, can combine years of military service with federal service to work toward 20-year retirement, and can easily translate military rank into commensurate General Schedule grades for federal postings.

Nationally, 50 percent of veterans will have a period of unemployment within 15 months of separation from active duty service, and the veteran unemployment rate is 40 percent higher than the nonveteran rate.

Closing another avenue for jobs that offer preferential hiring of veterans could impact veteran unemployment in our state for years to come.

Other executive orders and the resulting infighting among state leaders is also harming Texas’ veteran population.

The ramifications of these executive orders could have been easily anticipated by veteran and military stakeholders.

The governor’s office’s doubling down on these policies, coupled with one of the largest military and veteran populations in the country, means Texas will be extremely impacted by any negative ramifications of these policies on the military community.

Veterans groups need to continue to pressure state leaders, Congress and the new presidential administration to make military families a factor.

Jennifer Aronson is an active duty military spouse and the project coordinator for the Veteran Spouse Network at the Texas Institute for Excellence in Mental Health at The University of Texas at Austin.


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