Return The Favor: Veterans Expo and Job Fair

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YORK, Pa. – It’s not always easy to find a job, and sadly that’s especially true for our nation’s veterans.

It’s the third annual Veterans Expo and Job Fair.

The second part of the event is all about helping veterans who are looking for work.

The jobs cover lots of different fields including construction, sales, customer service, and computers.

Veterans can also take advantage of the resource center.

They’ll also be able to help veterans looking to start their own businesses.

Organizers of the expo say the need for this type of event is still there, and that’s why they hold this year after year.

“It’s so completely unfair that veterans go and fight for our freedom and have to come back and fight for jobs,” organizer Mariah Hammacher said.

“We decided there was also need to have a job fair so veterans and their families could get connected with veteran-friendly employers.”

The Veterans Expo and Job Fair is open to all veterans, active military members, and military families.


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