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Career Options Where Veterans Have Greater Scopes

Veterans Career

Are you feeling frustrated that you do not see anything promising for your career after your retirement from military service? The prolonged waiting period in between the retirement and finding a new veterans job might have made you conclude that none of the civilian organizations find it profitable to hire veterans.

Nevertheless, we will interrupt you here to say that unfortunately all your assumptions and presumptions about a veterans career after your service career are incorrect! The actual fact is that top rated organizations and industries prefer hiring veterans for a number of designations that they offer. We have compiled here a list of some of the professions where veterans are successfully placed. Take a look!


Veterans Career

Police service

Some of the integral qualities that the police force looks for in its employees are diligence, honesty and commitment to duty.  It hardly needs any mentioning that all these qualities are optimally present in an ex-military man. There is one more thing in common between a police officer and a soldier; both of them are committed to serve their country. In addition, both these professionals would go to any length in order to protect their country. Hence, these harmonizing qualities help veterans in getting readily absorbed in the police force after the completion of their retirement.

Security service

The role of a security personnel demands that candidates should be observant and quick to action. They are also supposed to be serious in their approach and committed to protect the life and property of others. Thus, it is clear that no other candidate can live up to these expectations ideally than that of ex-army personnel. Hence, veterans who are in search of a job can always tap the security agencies who hire veterans.

Public service

Civilian organizations that provide public service often have a reservation for veterans. Actually, public service requires selfless approach, tenacity to work in inhospitable conditions , sense of discipline and risk taking attitudes. As these qualities are inherent in an individual who has been a serviceman, so the veterans job prospects are higher in this sector as compared to civilian candidates.

Career for Veterans


If you conduct a survey in the corporate industry,  you will find that 25% of the veterans get involved in business after they complete their military service career. While some of them open their new businesses, other  veterans collaborate with someone for doing a business. Some veterans also buy businesses and trading firms from others. Hence, veterans remain connected with entrepreneurship in one way or the other due to their sense of discipline.

Advices For A Golden Veteran ’s Service Career After Retirement From Military


The end of a military service career often leaves the veterans bewildered. Most of the veterans remain confused about their career prospects in a civilian organization after the end of their  military career. Some suffer from dilemma whether organizations that hire veterans will actually value their talents or not. Some veterans even panic that they might not be able to cope up with the coworkers who are from civilian backgrounds.

Nevertheless, the human resource professionals and industry experts think otherwise. They give some advices that might become golden tips for veterans looking for the right veterans job that would suit them. Check them out!


  • 48Plan Ahead Of Time

Some of the industry experts believe that the job market is very competitive. Therefore, while the civilians have to struggle for getting absorbed in a proper organization, the struggle intensified  in case of the veterans. To be more specific, the chances of finding a veterans job that will perfectly suit the caliber, experiences and skills of a veteran is really difficult to find. In most cases, it has been seen that veterans become frustrated after spending a prolonged span in searching for a descent job after their completion of military career. This results in taking up any job that comes on the way. Invariably, the resultant is greater frustration. Hence, the expert advice is that veterans should start  looking for jobs at least months before their retirement from military career. This will shorten the span of waiting as an unemployed individual, and give the veterans better scopes to analyze which job will suit them.


  • 49Condition Yourself

Another veterans career advice shared by industry professionals is the every veteran should be aware of the fact that there are distinct differences between the military work environment and the corporate ambiance of a civilian  job. Therefore, lack of methodological approach can always make a veteran land into an unprecedented situation and create problems in his veterans job career. The industry experts advice that when the veterans they function as active servicemen, they should never overlook the importance of workshops and trainings that are organized by the military. This is because these programs are designed to make the servicemen develop acquaintance with the civilian corporate environment.


  • 50Thorough Retrospection Is Integral

Another advice on veterans career is that veterans should thoroughly retrospect their attitude, behavior, linguistic patterns, and other such aspects. This will help in identifying the typical aspects that segregate them from their civilian coworkers, and modifying these traits as per the need of the industry.

Stepwise Veterans Guide On How To Gel With Civilian Coworkers


Are you feeling overwhelmed that you finally have a decent job after the long waiting period post your retirement from military career? However, human resource professionals opine that your worries are still not over. Actually, as a veteran you might struggle to gel with the civilian coworkers in your new workplace. Therefore, a lot depends upon you as to how you will make the coworkers fell compatible with you. Here is a step wise guideline on veterans jobs that you can follow:


• Step One: Take A Mentor

Get yourself a mentor right from the first day of your service. The duty of this mentor will be to make you understand the responsibilities that you will have to take up and the rules that you will have to follow. However, most importantly, this mentor is supposed to introduce you to each of your coworkers and make you get acclimatize with the typical veterans job work culture that is distinctly different from your military ambiance.



• Step Two: Handle Coworkers Well

A couple of weeks after serving the new organization, you will have a clearer idea about the outlook and character traits of coworkers who are directly connected with you. Be prepared to face a mixed situation. On one hand, you will find that some of them possess immense respect for the veteran ways that characteristics your behavior. On the other hand, some of the coworkers might be jealous that you got absorbed in the designation that they could have acquired through some promotions. Situations like these are best handled when you employ your own understanding and managerial tactics. However, a piece of advice here is that you should handle the entire situation amicably, and refrain from entering into any unnecessary strife with anybody.

• Step Three: Mind Your Language

While communicating with your colleagues, you will find that the manner in which they talk has distinctive differences with that of your military jargons. Therefore, try to get into the habit of foregoing the military jargons and adopting the civilian tongue in its place when you start serving actively in a job for veterans. . However, you can employ the usage of ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ that you learnt from your military career. This is because this approach will make your coworkers feel that all of you are equal and there is no difference between you and them. In addition, take it into serious consideration that you should give due credit to your coworkers and subordinates as and when they deserve it.

Behavioral Tips For Veterans To Appear Steadfast In An Interview


If you have been an ace army man in your military service career, it will never indicate that you will be flooded with thousands of job opportunities for veterans immediately after you retire from your service career.  Rather, you might feel frustrated seeing a mediocre colleague veteran getting a high salaried civilian job offer after the retirement! Actually, your approach counts more in  the job market  than your experience and military credibility. Thus, you might be lacking in some qualities that your colleague is having in abundance. If you have already started feeling curious to know about these approaches, start reading ahead.


  • Patience



Although the military teaches you to be patient, you might be impatient and quick to anger in your real life. To be honest, this is not going to serve you any good when you are supposed to behave like a veterans job seeker. Remember, during the interview that you have to wait behind hundreds of applicants for your turn to arrive. Likewise, you would even have to  wait patiently for the second chance of being called in the preceding interview rounds after the first one. Thus,  you hardly have any option than to have control on your anger and remain patient right from the time of appearing in the interview.



  • Self-Reliance

During an interview, your level of confidence is also gauged by the interviewers besides your knowledge and skills. Although you might feel nervous during the interview session, try to conceal that as much as possible so that the interviewers cannot guess that you are tense. You must always remember that if these interviewers discover that you have become tense then they will conclude that you lose nerve in critical situations and will not be suitable in solving corporate problems promptly. Therefore, your sole intention will be to present yourself as a self reliant and assured individual. A tip here is that you can do this best when you have a clear idea of the professional, academic and work experience related details  that you have incorporated in the resume and can answer any query that generates from these feedbacks.



  • Courteousness

Good manners add a few points to your credibility as an able candidate for a veterans job. Therefore, do not forget to make important gesticulations like speaking boldly, asking the interviews promptly about any doubts that you might have and shaking hands firmly along with exchanging a nice smile.

Veterans tips to make organizations feel your uniqueness


People who belong to the military service always  enjoy a special place in the society. They are respected for their selfless acts of bravery. They are honored for their sacrifices. They are always praised for their dutifulness. However, does these attitudes towards a candidate belonging to a military background remain same when he resigns from the career and endeavors to make new veterans job career? Perhaps, it might not be exactly same. If you are a veteran, you might find it difficult to communicate in a civilian ambience owing of your military jargons and attitude. You might even feel that the civilian work culture is drastically different.

But  human resource professionals suggest that veterans are in high demand in the civilian corporate world. It is just that you have to express to your employer the unique benefits that organizations enjoy when they hire veteran. This is how you can proceed.



  • Filter out the jobs


Do not plunge into any veterans job after your military service career has expired. In doing so you will only get disappointment and might face difficulties in matching your perspective and lifestyle with that of the civilian organization where you  have joined. Rather, filter out organizations and job requirements that suit your military skill sets and responsibilities that you have handled so far. We assure that you will not problems in adjusting yourself with such organizations.




  • Focus on developing resume

A resume is mandatory for every interview. Thus, you might also have plans of developing a properly scripted resume that gives detailed account of the positions that you have held in your service career, the responsibilities that were assigned to you and the wars you have fought. Nevertheless, let us tell you that these details are secondary. Your intention will be to focus on your inherent skills like leadership, team management, communication, etc. Remember, the civilian organization is only interested in offering veteran jobs because of these skills. Hence, it is your responsibility to construct the details of your service career in such a manner that these skills get highlighted above everything else.



  • Know about regulations


Some states impose certain regulations on veterans who aspire to get employed in civilian organizations that deal with similar trade as that of a veteran’s military job. For instance, if you have been a military doctor in your service career and wish to pursue the same career in civilian medical industry after retirement then you might have to follow certain regulations and undergo veterans training. Know about these in details and abide by the norms with confidence

Instructions For Being Successful in a Veterans’ Career


Veterans have more scopes of getting absorbed in top companies of the industry as compared to the civilian candidates. A number of firms appreciate the honesty, trustworthiness and diligent attitude of the veterans. Nevertheless,  there are certain issues that are interlinked with the process of selection as well as finalizing candidates for veterans jobs.  The selection might lead to language issues because military jargons might appear unidentifiable by the employers. The employers  might even have problems in harmonizing with the military culture and decorum too. Even, the veteran  employees might find it difficult to adjust with a civilian work culture.

However, in spite of these ifs’ and buts’ there are veterans who have been successful in making prospectors careers in jobs that hire veterans. Perhaps, the instructions below will let you know how this is possible.



  • Instruction 1:  Keep In Touch With Your Network

The industry reports suggest that most organizations remain clueless about the avenues that they should tap for connecting with perfect candidates for the available jobs for veterans that they have. In most cases, they turn up to their known associates who have either been in the military service or know someone from the veteran background. This suggests that veterans who keep active contact with their ex-coworkers post retirement from military service have more chances to get absorbed into the top rated organizations of the industry. Therefore, instruction one is that you should be actively connected with your colleagues, managers and juniors from military background if you wish to get quickly absorbed into a firm after retirement form military service.



  • Instruction 2:Publicize Your Achievements

When you remain in the military service, you serve as a team. Therefore, you develop a habit of referring yourself as ‘we’ instead of ‘I’. Nevertheless, the moment when you step out of your military world and land into the civilian environment you will find that one thing has got drastically changed – it is your manner of referring yourself as ‘I’ instead of ‘we’. Thus, the rule of this new world is that you have to blow your own trumpet. Hence, the second instruction is that be confident about publicizing your skills sets and achievements.


  • Instruction 3: Adopt New Etiquettes


Acclimatize yourself with the new corporate etiquettes of the civilian world for enhancing your chances of adaptability. For instance, forego the military jargons and adopt the language of civilian culture. Likewise, stop being as formal now  in your veterans job environment as you have been in the military career.  Meticulously follow this last veterans jobs tip for success.

Approaches To Follow In A Veterans’ Job Fair


The time gap between resigning from the military service and getting reappointed into an  organization can be quite frustrating. Majority of the veterans become so disturbed that they tend to avoid the actual avenues that might bring them face to face with proper organizations. Instead, they end up pursing low paid and mediocre quality jobs! Most of them even remain unaware of a popularly held program called veterans job fair that serves as a platform for making the employers and the potential veteran employees meet each other.

Now if you are a veteran and in search of a good veterans job,  you must be calculative enough  to select the right veterans job fair for you. Here are some essential tips for you. Watch out.


  • Read The Fair Profile


It is always better to know in details about the job fair that is being held before wasting time in attending it and returning back empty handed. If you act in calculative manner and make survey of the profile of each veterans job fair, you will find that some of them are based on specific themes while others exclusively entertain certain specific categories of veterans. Therefore, know about the fair profile in advance and streamline the fairs that are worth attending in order to enhance your chances of getting a good veterans job offer.



  • Have Practical Approach

If you consider that the companies who are attending veterans job fair will offer you the appointment letter immediately after the interview, you are wrong! Rather, you should acknowledge the fact that the interview that is organized at the fair is just the first round of the process. Thus, you should  have to wait for the next rounds patiently. Simultaneously, you need to understand that the next rounds might be held at the right at the fair on the same day or in the actual office premises sometimes later. Hence, what you actually need to target at the job fair is to create your impression on the interviewers so that your chances of getting a  call for the forthcoming rounds enhance.


  • Architect Shaking HandsGive Your Best

Last but most vital part of veterans job interview at the job fair is that you have to appear confident, prepared and bold. This is because the event will be visited by thousands of veterans with overwhelming credibility. Therefore, only your appeal and manner of presentation will make you remembered  by the interviewers.

Veteran’s Pro Tips for Adjusting To a New Service World


The best thing about job search for veterans is that there is always an option of pursuing an active professional life right after the retirement from the military service career. However, there is a basic difference between the attitude  and perspectives of a veteran with than of a civilian. This makes him feel ostracized in the civilian society. But expert career consultants suggest that some alterations in their attitude can make them  become parts of the regular stream. Are you curious to know how is this possible? Start reading further right now!


  • Get Connected with the Virtual World


Generally, a veteran has much less contact with the popular social networks as that of a civilian. This makes his friends’ circle become restricted to  the coworkers, other people in similar profession, their family members and close associates. Therefore, they remain aloof from the virtual world of internet where notions like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. have acquired a considerable part of everyday life.  Hence, the first feedback that can be derived from this is that a veteran should start establishing an identity in the virtual world, accessing social networks regularly and developing a heterogeneous mix of friends from different backgrounds and profiles. This will enhance the chances of getting lucrative jobs for veterans.



  • Be Calculative while Contacting Job Sources

Since you will have a hard time in complementing veterans skills with that of the demands of a civilian job, it will add further to your frustration if you knock the incorrect doors for job vacancies. Expert career consultants advice here that you should communicate more with job agencies and job search programs who have special preference for veterans. As these agencies and programs are dedicatedly made for establishing a contact with the veterans and the professionals who look forward to employ veterans, you will be able to get hold of a good opportunity much faster than you have expected.



  • Never Look Helpless

Although there might be considerable time gap between your retirement and fining a new job again, you should take this as a normal affair. Always remember that you should not look too needy and helpless when you appear for a job interview. Such an approach will make you look unconfident and will set the ball in the employer’s court. It might even happen so that job agencies  force you to accept some extremely low paying and inferior quality job openings for veterans.

Things A Veteran Employee Wishes You Will Understand


Do you hold the administrative position in your organization? We believe that you will come across numerous challenges every day. But we are certain that the greatest challenge of all is to maintain the approach that you care about your employees and provide a welcoming environment to them.  The situation will become even tenser when you plan to hire a veteran in your team. As you are a  civilian, you will not be able to understand what a veteran employee expects from you. However, if you have started panicking already then the list of considerations below will be helpful for you. Watch out.


  • You will Understand Him14

Always keep this in mind, a veteran is taught to represent himself collectively as a team. Therefore, he might not be as conversant as a civilian candidate when you ask him about issues like his positive attributes, his personal achievements, where he wishes to see himself when he joins your concern, etc.  Hence, if he fails to show the readiness that you require then do not think that it is his lack of confidence or diminished leadership quality. Rather, you can take this in writing that the veteran can give a general candidate a run for money as far as his  confidence and leadership skills are concerned. Thus, you have to measure everything from a different perspective when you wish to judge a veteran.



  • You Will Be Aware Of His Environment


While a veteran belongs to a highly disciplined structured environment, a general candidate is used to a much casual ambience. While communicating with a veteran it might appear to you that he is inflexible and hostile. Hence, he will not be able to mingle with the other employees of your organization. His stiffness might even make you think that this candidate might not be ready to accept his mistakes and change. But we recommend that you should always consider the nature of his service background before judging his approaches. Once you understand that he is trained to operate in a highly formal ambience where discipline and duty comes first, you will be able to  appreciate that the stiffness actually denotes his dedication and seriousness towards his work.


  • You Will Acknowledge His Family Commitments


Individuals who serve in the military have to stay away from their family for a considerable span at a stretch. Extensive travel, prolonged hours of working and numerous relocations characterize the service career of a veteran. Thus, they tend to miss their loved ones more as compared to the civilizations. When you appoint a veteran in your organization, he will barely give any lame excuses as a regular employee would give in to avoid frequent and multiple outstation tours. He will also be flexible about multiple relocations and transfers, and will never complain at all. Nevertheless, if you show that you are concerned about the forced detachment of the veteran employee from his family and loved ones then you will buy him! In case you are successful in arranging for official tours that allow him to take his family along with or relocations together with their family and kids then he will be overwhelmed. He will express his loyalty in reciprocation, and will remain dedicated to his organizational responsibilities. Eventually, your manpower resource will get enriched.

Career Advice for Veterans in this Christmas

Image: Door Gunner Petty Officer Richard Symonds of the Royal Navy wears a Santa Claus outfit around Helmand province


Are you a veteran? Then you will certainly agree to it that you have been habituated to an entirely different sort of corporate environment. You might have taken immense pride in being a part of this structured environment. Nevertheless, career in the military is not as long lasting  as the usual jobs that are available for the civilians. Therefore,  you have to search for a civilian job when the veteran service career ends.

In case you are jobless then you will immediately need a job before the Christmas. This will ensure that your holidays will be spent happily and you can wish a merry Christmas to your near and dear ones . However, we understand that coping up with an entirely different ambience will be difficult for you in the beginning. Here are some tips that you can consider and make the process comparatively easier. So, follow them.


  • Search will in Advance


Always consider this fact that finding suitable  veterans jobs will not be an easy affair. This is because while some of them will ask for credentials that you lack, others will offer an ambience that might not suit you. Therefore, initiate the search process for  jobs for veterans  at least a year before you actually become financially broke and end up spending a penniless  Christmas.




  • Prepare for Transition

The transition to a new corporate environment will invariably have its impact upon your mind and performance. Therefore, you must mentally prepare yourself well in advance in order cope with the new situation successfully. You will appreciate it that programs and workshops are often conducted by the military that help the veterans in coping up with the civilian corporate environment in future.  You should join such programs while you are still in the military because it will aid in the process of your mental transition.


  • Season your tongue


When you enter the civilian world, you will realize that your style and tone of communication is entirely different. This might make things quite complicated for you. Even, your fellow mates and employer might fail to understand what you wish to convey! Thus, it is highly recommended that simultaneous with applying for veterans jobs you should join courses and programs on business communication and corporate speaking. This systematized approach will assist you in overcoming the frequent use of military jargons in your civilian corporate environment. As a result, you will be able to establish transparent corporate relationships with everyone.

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