The Value Proposition – A Window to You!

Value Proposition

Landing a job is nothing but selling your capabilities. Therefore you need to have a proposition which effectively highlights your unique selling points. That is your value proposition. Why you think you are the best option and what is it in you that are not there in others!

Value PropositionA value proposition describes the key details about who you are and what you can do. This is what is required in every format of job application or job search. That is, if you are applying directly to a job opportunity, then your cover letter should contain your value proposition. And if you are creating a profile on a job search site or a networking site, then the summary that they ask, should contain your value proposition. You can also use your value proposition to answer interviewer’s questions about yourself.  So what is this value proposition and what should it ideally contain?

Value Proposition is usually just a paragraph with maximum five to six sentences. It should answer these basic questions:

  • Who you are?
  • What are you good at?
  • Why will you add value?

You don’t need to answer these questions separately, that is, in one paragraph all your sentences should speak something about these three questions. So you can start your paragraph with your name and what are you good at, that is, your skills. This answers who you are and to an extent what are you good at.

Based on the qualities that you listed in the first sentence, you then go on describing your experience in them. This actually answers most of what you are good at and quite a lot of why you will add value. Make sure you only list relevant experience. Experience that you think will help you shine in the skills you have listed and that would be required for the position you are applying to.

To end it, state the educational qualifications or certifications that you have cleared to master these skills or to learn more about these skills.

Does this really help?

Writing your value proposition gives you time to think and analyze your skills and abilities. It helps you understand your strengths and weakness. If you write a value proposition in full earnestness, then you will know what you should and should not speak in an interview. This will also help to make a lasting impression on networking sites and job search sites. As your personal summary, in this case, your value proposition is the first thing people read when they visit your profile.

Also, introduction is the first part of any interview and often is the only part that the interviewer remembers till the end. Answering that question with a value proposition would not only help you in stating your skills and abilities in a short and organized way, but will also make a lasting impression on the interviewer.

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