Veteran Job Search Goals – The Four You Should Consider

veteran job goal

It is very necessary to define your goals before you start on a journey. So, even when it comes to job search, it is very necessary that you set out definite goals. This will not only help you in drafting a roadmap for your job search but will also help you in getting some results. In this article we discuss some of the job search goals that veterans can set to land a civilian job.

  • Contacts

In several of our previous articles we have mentioned the importance of networking. So, to start off, your first goal should be number of targets reached. To be successful in landing a civilian job and to give a boost to your job search set a target to get in touch with your contacts, be it through social media networks or your personal network. In today’s inter-webbed world, you shouldn’t miss on anyone. Get in touch with at least 15 to 20 people, after your meetings, send them a follow up mail.

  • Refresh Your Resume

There is always something new you can come up with every time you look at your resume; a new way to write the objective or a new way to state your strength. Well, it’s not necessary to change the meaning or something, but this activity is done just to keep your resume to the top. Do submit your resume on Job Search Engines like,, LinkedIn,,, etc. Now editing your resume weekly on these search engines, will always show as a fresh entry to employers. This will not only get your resume listed higher in the ranks of search results, but will also highlight your activeness in job search.

  • Resumes Sent

veteran job goal

Set a daily goal for resume’s sent to companies. This will not only help you increase your opportunities, but will also keep you on your toes to search for new jobs. And just don’t send that generic resume to every job post. Remodel your resume to reflect the requirements of the job opening. Almost every company has some specific requirement even for similar positions. So make it worth the HR’s time to read your resume.

  • Create a Campaign

Just like any political candidate, there is a goal set to spend so many hours online, so many hours meeting people of this locality and so on and so forth. In a similar fashion, even you should create a campaign for your job search. Set goals to search and interact with people online through social networks and emails. Then set goals to meet specific number of people, visit companies or job search agents.

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