Veteran News – Employment Search Could Get Tougher

veteran news

If you go by this latest article published by Fox Business, then it is going to get difficult for veterans to land job.

veteran news“The young vets that are coming back now from wars are our most vulnerable, and their unemployment rate continues to increase,” says Goldenberg. “And we are about to dump a lot more into the labor market through the troop drawdown.” He adds the overall unemployment rate for the he non-veteran population of the same age bracket is 14.3%.

If you go by what Brian Stann says, then it is essential for veterans to be able to communicate their skill sets to the employers. Try to relate the requirement of the job with the skills you have acquired over time.

To crack any interview, it would be necessary that you are able to highlight your achievements respective to your skills. For example, it would be imperative to show how good you were as a team leader or as a technical resource. But make sure that while highlighting your achievements you are not describing them with military jargon. Remember, that your employer might not be aware of most of the terms used in the army.

To read more about the News Article on Fox Business, click here.

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