Veterans are providing resources for veterans in need

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Dave Lewis, who spent 29 years as a fighter pilot in the Air Force, is a key to his understanding of how some veterans struggle when they come home from military service.

Lewis, who admits he is failing miserably at retirement by taking on two full-time jobs, heads the Veterans Resource Coordination Group and teaches full time as a professor at Texas Tech.

It’s the one out of 20 that is the focus of Veterans Resource Coordination Group, known also as VetStar.

His organization meets on the first Wednesday of each month to offer to veterans the resources they need to cope with the transition into civilian life.

“Part of our job is like a search and rescue mission – they’re out there, and somebody knows they’re out there. So, the question becomes, how do we get the veteran to connect back to us for the resources.”

The Young Lawyers Association here in Lubbock put on a big golf tournament to help us out, and the Sheriff’s Department put on a big golf fundraiser that helps us out.

“The Hub City Crossfit, and other Crossfit organizations in town have put on a competition around Veterans Day to raise money for us.”

The Veterans Administration provides a national grant that VetStar applies for.

“We work with the Homeless Outreach Team. They say they love it when they find a homeless person who is a veteran, because they can wheel them right up to our front door here, and we’ll take good care of them,” he said of the organization’s facility at 3804 Interstate-27.

“That’s the thing we do best. We are veterans, and we try to connect to other veterans. Veterans will relate things to me that they won’t relate to traditional social workers or traditional mental health people.”


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