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Veteran Interview

This is not just a question, but also a trend! It has been observed that mostly HR professionals and recruitment managers ask this question, irrespective how the rest of the interview went. So, what is an ideal answer to this? Veteran InterviewBefore we go further into the details of answers and how you should prepare for it, it is necessary to understand the psych of the interviewer. For any HR, it is very necessary to understand the goals of the interviewee.  Some of the basic questions they are looking answers for are:

  • Whether the candidate has the enthusiasm to add energy to the organization?
  • Would the person be able to handle the pressure?
  • Is the candidate looking for a long term or a short term position?
  • Is he/she the best fit for the job?

Now, the challenge for the interviewer is that they can’t get the correct answer if they ask this directly. It is always through different type of questions and their answers that an interviewer judges the correct answer to these questions. Ideally, a candidate should keep these things in mind while answering any question. So, what could be the best possible answer for this question? Well, the answer is simple; the best answer is the one that encompasses the candidate’s uniqueness. How you think you can stand apart from the crowd and be the best fit for the job. You don’t just tell your qualities and your strengths, you link them to the job responsibilities, and how your skills would be beneficial in getting the best result. You don’t have to talk at length, going into the minutest details and examples, because that shows that even you’re not sure, and are just running around. Give a crisp answer about what makes you stand apart from the crowd. How your previous experience and your training makes you the ideal candidate for the job. Also keep in mind that they know you can’t go to the moon, unless you’re applying to be an astronaut! They are looking for realistic answer, which revolves around your uniqueness and your strength. So, think deep and hard, and always prepare this question in advance, it is always good to stay prepared then to be taken by surprise!

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