Why A Nashville Handyman Service Went All In To Hire Veterans

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*Note: Image used belongs to BLAKE FARMER / WPLN

*Note: Image used belongs to BLAKE FARMER / WPLN

Perhaps none have turned their attention to former service members like Nashville’s Hiller Plumbing, which has made Fort Campbell into almost a sole source of manpower.

They’re poking their heads under sinks, getting plumbing tips along the way.

“You know, everybody’s got four-year degrees, but no one knows the trades anymore.”

Burns didn’t consider a career in plumbing until Hiller approached him on post with this opportunity.

The skilled trades are finding former service members to be a good fit.

In fields like plumbing, national data shows a bigger shortage is looming as plumbers retire.

While kids in high school aren’t launching into the trades like they used to, Hiller contends many of them would be better off – solid pay and job security.

Around the country, HVAC, plumbing and electrical companies are experimenting with similar recruiting efforts, like a non-profit job board out of Minnesota called Troops to Trades.

Hiller has a leg up considering it runs its own for-profit trade school, Total Tech, where soldiers can spend their military educational benefits.

The government also subsidizes the living expenses of veterans during their apprentice period as plumbers and electricians.


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