Workers who provide services to veterans and their families just took a pay cut

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The standard line about the American military, be it from politicians, celebrities or bumper stickers is “Support our troops.” But hundreds of the people who do that by helping service members, veterans and their families in what are called Family Assistance Service Centers just took a huge pay cut because of a new federal contract.

She talked with Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal about what these workers do and what is happening now that their wages have been cut.

Catherine Rampell: Essentially, they provide services or they connect soldiers, airmen, veterans, military families with various kinds of services, legal, financial or otherwise.

Ryssdal: And now, for I guess the third time in the last three four years, the contract between the National Guard Bureau and these centers has been adjusted, and the workers are quite literally paying the price.

Not actually for the family assistance centers, but other kinds of government contract workers who do various kinds of services to help military families.

In each of these three recent contracts, the new company won the bid by changing the classification of these workers to something that was lower paid.

There are about 400 people who were affected by these pay cuts.

Ryssdal: How much of a pay cut are we talking about here?

In some cases, people lost about half of their hourly pay.

Actually an outside organization, Good Jobs Nation, they advocate basically on behalf of government contract workers, have filed a complaint with the Labor Department, asking the Labor Department to investigate and look into whether these people are misclassified.


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